Fusarium warning!

With the onset of autumn the opportunity for turf to recover from damage caused by the current continuous high disease pressure will be severely restricted. Shorter days, lower light intensity and cooler temperatures will curtail growth, but the high rainfall has triggered widespread outbreaks of Fusarium, warns Simon Barnaby of Syngenta.

Areas of the UK experienced a medium to high risk of Fusarium infection for over 20 days in August, and every day for the first two weeks in September.

“Where turf managers see the first signs of disease infection it is now crucial to act quickly,” he advises. “The target is to cure disease on the leaf to stop physical damage, as well as preventing new disease breaking out or the spread of spores that will create more infection.

“Banner MAXX has proven to be extremely fast acting in getting into the turf plant and eradicating disease, as well as preventing further infection over the coming weeks,” he adds. “The combination of systemic and contact activity ensures the existing leaf is also given the ultimate surface protection, whilst rapid movement within the plant gives more persistent long-term effects, safe from further rain.”

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