Friendly weed control….Ecotex

Friendly Weed Control
The first professional grade weed control membrane made purely from organic material, that is fully compostable and is naturally fire resistant, is now available in the UK exclusively from Hy-Tex
Ecotex MulchMat is a highly effective, easy to use and economical solution for low maintenance weed control and moisture conservation in planted areas and completely biodegrades over time.
It may look and feel like conventional non-woven, petrochemical based, weed control fabric but is the only membrane made purely from an environmentally friendly alternative called Polylactic Acid (PLA) which has a very low carbon footprint.
PLA is made from fermented, 100% annually renewable, starch rich vegetables and production requires fewer fossil fuel resources and generates less greenhouse gases than traditional plastic fabrics (Over 42% less non-renewable energy and over 31% less greenhouse emissions than polypropylene, for example).
Ecotex fully breaks down into nutritious matter over 4 to 5 years leaving no synthetic fragments (which can pollute the environment) and is the only weed control fabric certified to the stringent EN 13432:2000 test for compostable materials (So it can be disposed of at commercial composting sites).
It is also naturally fire resistant (Passing the cigarette ignition test for furniture) making it an idea solution for public landscaping schemes where discarded cigarettes or vandalism are often a risk.
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