Enriching soil….6x Natural Fertiliser

Roger Cumisky ( far right)

A new fertiliser is now being introduced into the landscaping and turf industry.
6x Natural Fertiliser, already popular in the organic fruit, vegetable and cress industry, has just announced that its concentrated fertiliser meets with the ‘ Farmers & Growers Approval ‘ for use in Organic Systems in both fibrous and pelleted forms.
The fertiliser is sold directly to the trade and through garden centres – also their second brand name ‘ Groworganic ‘ is available for allotment societies and garden clubs throughout the UK.
Roger Cumisky director told The Landscaper, “I have just returned from Italy where 6x is now used in the vine and olive growing areas of both Italy and Portugal as well as enriching the soils of the Falklands Isles. We are taking a stand at both Four Oaks and Glee and look forward to offering some attractive quotes to the trade.”

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