Dennis FT510 is a breeze at Prees

Duncan Austin, Head Groundsman at Prees Cricket and Recreation Club in Shropshire, needed to upgrade the Club’s trusty old Dennis FT510 cylinder mower – and there was only one machine he had in mind.

Duncan Austin has been working at Prees Cricket and Recreation Club for the past six years. He is responsible for maintaining three grass football pitches, two artificial football pitches, a cricket square and two bowling greens.

For the bowling greens, Duncan has long relied on the Dennis FT510 cylinder mower.

“I had a Dennis FT510 which was well over 20 years old,” he said. “Unfortunately, it was coming to the end of its days and the cost of repairing it was similar to the price of buying a brand new one. I didn’t even need to look at other brands of mowers. The FT510 was so good, I was adamant that I wanted another one. The treasurer backed me, and we went ahead and bought one.”

The Dennis FT510 has become the ‘must have’ piece of turf maintenance machinery at bowling clubs around the country and it’s easy to see why. With a 51cm working width, the FT510 provides its user with comfort, flexibility and excellent performance. A true sense of control is obtained through the unique roller clutch drive for a smooth take-up and a variable clip rate helping to create the desired finish.

Available with five-bladed and ten-bladed cutting cylinders the machine can be matched to any situation and the interchangeable cassettes can be changed without the requirement of any tools. The range of 11 different heads mean that one machine can be used for several key maintenance tasks including scarifying, verticutting or brushing.

Duncan explained how he uses the Dennis FT510 on a regular basis to maintain the greens.

“I cut the greens with it 2-3 times a week depending on what games are on and it provides a perfect finish every time. In the winter we normally leave the greens at a length of 10mm, but we maintain them at 5mm during the season. I will also verticut with the FT510 every three weeks and try to rotate that with a sarel roll or a brush.

“The interchangeable cassettes on the FT510 are the best feature – they are so quick and simple to change,” continued Duncan. “If I need a new bottom blade or need it sharpened, I have only got to take the cassette with me rather than take the whole machine.

“Another good feature about the Dennis FT510 is the click height adjuster – it is a very user-friendly mower. I wouldn’t want any other machine for our greens.”


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