Cost effective temporary access….Zigma Ground Solutions

Zigma Ground Solutions is launching their latest product EconoMat next month
Zigmoffer temporary access and ground protection solutions. The firm recognised there is a need for a temporary access product delivering many of the same benefits as the company’s other market leading products, EuroMat and TuffTrak, but at a much lower cost.
Iain Brown, Managing Director told The Landscaper, “It is very important for us to listen to our customers, as we always have done since establishing Zigma, and where necessary, offer products that fit our customers’ needs and budget.
With the customer feedback we were receiving, and how the economy was performing, we felt it was time we developed a product that complimented our existing products. While still offering our clients all the benefits they expect from us, the EconoMat comes in at a significantly reduced price.
“I am excited with the EconoMat, its performance and the feedback we have received in customer trials and we are confident it will exceed expectations within the market place.”
EconoMat provides a new lightweight but strong temporary access and ground protection solution and is particularly suited to the event industry. The mat measures 2400mm x 1200mm x 10mm, is made from 100% recycled polyethylene and is 100% recyclable. Its light weight of 29kg makes it easy to transport, manoeuvre and deploy.It also features an ‘Alu’, non-slip traction surface, connection holes and is recommended for weights up to 20 tonnes.
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