Aquadyne.. drains surface water

Aquadyne is created from 100% recycled plastic, which is converted into easy to install blocks of macro and micro porous cells that effectively drain surface water from agricultural fields, sports pitches, golf courses and domestic gardens, without clogging.

Research undertaken at the European Turfgrass Laboratories, Scotland, has revealed that Aquadyne significantly improves the drainage of water, compared to conventional methods, due to the unique capillary draw action created by the product.

“The problem with traditional land drainage is that over time the aggregated soil and particles washed through from the surface eventually clog the pipe below. Clay, in particular, can be a nightmare as it contains such fine particles,” says James Arrowsmith of Aquadyne sales and marketing.

“Aquadyne panels have been scientifically proven not to clog, so once it has been installed with minimal disturbance to the grass surface, draining up to 20 litres of water per second, there is no need to replace the product or even wash the panels.”

“During times of unpredictable weather patterns, Aquadyne provides peace of mind that no time, energy or hard earned money will have to be spent digging up and replacing land drainage that have been clogged by flooding. It is the most environmentally conscious system on the market as it saves up to 200 tonnes of green gases for every 200 metres installed.”

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