Affordable treatment

Biogénie Site Remediation has announced that their new soil treatment facility located in the Midlands region has now opened and is currently receiving contaminated soils.
The loss of landfill tax exemptions in April 2012 left the Midlands without a recognised solution for managing contaminated soils; the only compliant option open for many customers was to transport contaminated soils long distances or pay the additional £64 per tonne landfill tax charge for sending their waste soils to landfill.
Jon Owens, Soil Treatment Facilities Director of Biogénie told The Landscaper “The opening of the Midlands facility so soon after doubling our capacity in the South East demonstrates the increasing demand for off-site treatment solutions which are affordable but also have compliance as a key priority. The fact that customers were delivering contaminated soils to the facility the day after we completed the commissioning phase of the plant really shows the importance of giving customers a service that they want, where they want it”.
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