The Advanced Turf Technology System ‘Ultragroomer’ can provide exceptional results on high density fine turf grasses such as creeping bents, says ATT’s John Coleman. “Bents are desirable for their tighter density which gives an excellent playing surface, but the downside is that this inevitably means increased production of organic material.
“Traditionally, verticutting has been the solution to remove organic debris, the 10mm spacing of a verticut reel is more suited for older; less dense grasses and that developments to specialist golf green cultivars have outpaced traditional maintenance machine technology. The situation is exacerbated by lower heights of cut which can further increase density.
“Verticutting, is best suited to removing the build up of organic matter rather than preventing it, and the sward can soon get tight and puffy, leading to thatch development. It is during this ‘puffy’ phase that the green surface ‘footprints’. Cutting at low heights of cut when greens are in this state will also result in scalping, further stressing the plant. “
“The sward is also subjected to considerable stress by aggressive verticutting, which can weaken it.
After a week or so it comes back and is fine for another week, but then you have to start the whole process again. It is hard to provide a consistent playing surface under those circumstances Treatment with the Ultragroomer every week to 10 days minimises the phased management effect, using thin tipped blades at 5mm spacings. “More blade surface area is in contact with the turf, and it is working at a shallower depth, so stress on the plant is reduced It can prevent excessive organic material developing, making for a more consistent green over the course of the season.”<b8/>
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