Creating a buzz

Gavin Jones has just completed their first commercial installation of a bee hive at their client’s site, Imperial College, London.
Since last summer, Gavin Jones has kept bees at their Head Office just outside Weybridge, Surrey and as a consequence, many clients have been interested in introducing this ‘green initiative’ to their own sites. Imperial College have funded the beehive and Gavin Jones have managed the installation; setting up the site in the Environmental Society Garden with a suitable area for the beehive and supplying the bees and beehive. The nucleus colony of Carniolan bees included a Queen, drones and workers; approximately 3,000 bees, placed onto a 5 frame beehive with established comb.
Several interested students from the college were involved with the installation and will continue their hand-on roll, maintaining the hive and learning the beekeepers trade. Gavin Jones representative, Bill Davidson will mentor the Imperial College group, making himself available for their questions and providing monthly checklists.
Tel: 01932 833866

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