To the rescue

Huddersfield College contacted specialist contractors Artificial Grass Maintenance when their pitch started to show signs of increased contamination causing substantial drainage problems.
Following a site appraisal by the company’s staff, AGM were able to recommend a corrective procedure that would enhance playing characteristics, extend life expectancy and improve drainage and general aesthetics of the pitch.
With a specialist Pitch Rejuvenation to remove deep seated contamination from the infill of the surface, AGM were able to restore the pitch back to a playable condition without the need for a replacement surface.
The Rejuvenation process begins with a thorough mechanical de-compaction that will penetrate and loosen infill right to the backing. This not only improves the surface feel and general playability but also ensures radically improved drainage.
A specialist infill filtering machine is then used to lift and filter the sand; with a powerful vacuum removing contaminant then releasing clean loose sand back into the surface. The surface is then brushed with the award winning AGM Renew brushing system which leaves the pitch ready for immediate play.
This process is ideally carried out as part of an on-going facilities maintenance program, although a radical improvement can be seen even when this process is completed as a stand-alone visit. The brushing process is designed to get much deeper into the fibres of the carpet than conventional power sweeping and it far more intense, de-compacting the surface as well as lifting the pile.
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