Partnership with the Woodland Trust

Marshalls have announced a new three-year deal with the Woodland Trust. The company has signed up to the Trust’s Woodland Carbon project – a carbon removal scheme that ‘locks up’ and captures CO2 by planting trees and creating new woodland across the UK.
As a manufacturer working with architects, contractors and local authorities to create powerful and practical solutions for building and landscape projects, the Woodland Trust views Marshalls as a natural partner for woodland creation with both organisations sharing a common goal of enhancing and improving the UK landscape and environment.
In a two-pronged approach, the organisations hope to lay solid foundations for the future by both mitigating carbon emissions from Marshalls’ business and consumer paving products, and through cause-related marketing activity generating donations from sales of commercial tree frames and grilles.
Marshalls’ business and domestic customers have the option of removing carbon generated from the production of stone and paving materials via the Woodland Carbon scheme; offering a sustainable solution which has clear and long-term benefits. Calculations of the carbon removed from their purchase will be shown on customer invoices.
A new range of Woodland Trust branded street furniture will also be unveiled for the first time at this year’s Ecobuild. Businesses and local authorities purchasing products, such as commercial tree grilles and frames, will be contributing to woodland creation with a percentage of the sale being donated by Marshalls directly to the charity.
Chris Harrop, Marshalls Group Marketing Director, said: “We are proud to be working in partnership with the Woodland Trust to encourage the planting of more trees throughout our towns and cities. It is proven that trees play a vital role in the design of our built environment, providing numerous aesthetic, social and health benefits to all.
“At Marshalls we place sustainability at the heart of everything we do, and rather than just focusing on environmental performance, true sustainability is balancing the environmental, social and economic impacts of a business. We believe that the design of our landscapes can have a significant impact on our sense of wellbeing and provide lasting benefits to communities, and an essential element of creating better landscapes is providing green spaces for the benefit of all.”
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