Storm Trooper – ideal solution for the storage

The new range of heavy-duty PVC-clad buildings from Britcover are the ideal solution for the storage and maintenance of landscaping machinery and vehicles.
 All models are designed and built in the UK, using galvanised steel frameworks and heavy-duty, PVC-coated fabric. With sizes and prices to suit all budgets, from the 3m wide freestanding ‘Thunder Dome’ to the 9m wide Container Canopy. John Houston of Britcover explains “Our structures are used across a wide range of  industries including machinery hire companies, rail track maintenance companies, recycling centres, landscapers, car valeting, and much more”.  Houston adds “It’s not just the great value which attracts customers but the speed at which they can be constructed”. 
 A typical Thunder Dome structure taking only around a day to construct, and can be self-built or built by one of Britcover’s construction teams. Their Storm Trooper model is  fully compliant with current building regulations, and is calculated to withstand the worst UK snow and wind loads.
 Both the Thunder Dome and the Storm Trooper structures can be bolted on to a concrete base or can be supplied with pre-cast concrete floor beams to which they can be bolted – ideal where a suitable concrete base is not available.
Britcover’s Container Canopies span two shipping containers, bolting to the top of the container thus eliminating the need for planning permission or a sound base to bolt on to. 
For further information on any of these innovative products visit or contact or phone 01282 8731320
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