Refurbishment….Boston market

Ringway a highway maintenance provider, is undertaking a series of refurbishment projects at Boston Market Place, Lincolnshire. The project is due for completion in 2012 with the support of partners Lincolnshire County Council and Boston Borough.
Archaeological works have been funded by the English Heritage and include renewed street lighting and the construction of a feature column with five lamps incorporated into one of the new bus stops.
Bob Sutton, Ringway’s Contract Manager told The Landscaper, “Ringway is acting as the main contractor for the works, and we are running from our North East office based in Rotherham. A study was conducted in 2007 by Boston Borough Council, which looked at ways that Boston could become a better place to both live and visit. The study identified that the market place was the centre piece of the town and should be the first area to be refurbished, improving the overall appearance of the town. Taking this into consideration, we have some great projects in the pipeline that we hope will be beneficial to the town. We expect the work to take up to eight months.”

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