Power trimmer

The latest mains power hedge trimmer from Makita’s Outdoor Power Equipment range has a 48cm blade length which is the double-sided, double-action design that gives cutting capacity on each side of the blade. This allows the operator to trim the hedge with the blade moving in either direction.
The 240volt Makita UH4861X has 400watt motor power, runs at up to 1,600 strokes per minute and incorporates an electric brake. The blade tooth pitch is 19mm. This powerful trimmer will cut through branches up to 15mm in diameter.
This is a two-handed operation trimmer; the forward handgrip is also the inertia brake which when released quickly stops the blade action for safety. The UH4861 is delivered with a 10m power lead. Whilst the trimmer is double insulated for safety, Makita recommend the use of a RCD, circuit protection device. These economical protection devices are available from all hardware and tool stores.
Weighing just 2.9kg, the new Makita UH4861X hedge trimmer is a well balanced, safe and efficient electric hedge trimmer for domestic and commercial ground-care operations.


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