Problems managing wild flower areas? 

Have you or your clients ever experienced problems managing wild flower areas?  Perhaps the client was expecting a slightly different “look”, maybe they’re not sure when to mow – or how.
Help is at hand when you visit the Landscape Show at Battersea from 19th – 20th September.
The team at Harrowden Turf Ltd, growers of Meadowmat wild flower matting are keen to help educate gardeners about the importance of wildflowers to our national heritage and our ecology. 
But more importantly, they want to forge a greater understanding of the differences between nurturing native grasses and wildflowers and growing the cultivated plants we are used to working with. Encouraging wild flowers to grow where you want them to be is sometimes a challenge.  They are, after all, wild, untamed and unpredictable.  Growing them requires a different approach.
Angela Lambert (aka @Ladylawn) will be on Harrowden Turf Ltd.’s stand at Landscape 2017 for part of each day especially to answer any questions you may have on establishing and maintaining grasses with wild flower areas.
Although currently working as an independent freelancer, Angela maintains unashamedly strong ties with the people and the products at Harrowden Turf.
If you are struggling with badly behaved grass and wildflower areas – whether they are on the ground or part of a living roof, Please bring photos (or video) to stand D3 at the Landscape Show.  Details about soil type, site aspect, and current management regime will also be helpful.
Angela will be on stand D3 between 1.30 and 3pm on the 19th September and between 11am and 2pm on the 20th.  Or, you can make an appointment by contacting Chris Carr at Harrowden Turf on 01842 826402.


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