Play comes to Jersey Park…. Timberplay

Timberplay have installed of £90k worth of play equipment in the new play area in St Helier
The surrounding area suffered from a lack of open spaces to serve the local community.
Vital to the long term success of the Town Park was the involvement and endorsement of the public, particularly those residents and businesses who live and work near the new park which is why they were involved in the consultation process.
The new park offers a range of activities for all ages from formal play areas, seating areas, to adaptable open spaces for games and events. It offers a play area dedicated to toddlers and also for 4-11 year olds both of which are physically enclosed to create a safe environment for children to run about in.
The dedicated toddler area includes some robust and playful elements including a Toddler Swing with cradle seat, a Snail Queen and a Platform House which is great for role play games and hiding.
The 4-11 year old play area has been well thought out in both its landscaping elements and play equipment features. A huge Climbing Structure is great for children who want to experience play at height, take risks and stretch all their body, using both their hands and feet. The Wobbly Platform provides gentle, springy and swinging movements for children with lots of ropeways, bridges and nets to access the central area.

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