Great open space…… ODA London 2012

A two-year planting programme to create the UK’s largest new urban park for more than a century has been completed by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA).
Some 250 acres of new parklands has been created from industrial land on the Olympic Park, providing a colourful and festival atmosphere for the London 2012 Games and afterwards.
The Olympic Parklands contain 4,000 semi-mature trees, over 300,000 wetland plants and more than ten football fields worth of nectar-rich annual and perennial meadows designed and sown to flower during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
In the south of the park, there are picnic lawns, timber seating and 120,000 plants from 250 different species across the world arranged into four temperate regions: Europe, Americas, Asia and the Southern Hemisphere.
In the north of the park, 1,500 trees and over 300,000 wetland plants have been planted along alongside 15,000 square metres of riverside spectator lawns, timber seating, frog ponds, loggeries, wetlands, woodlands and tree-lined footpaths – creating a haven for wildlife and plants.
Olympics Minister Hugh Robertson said: “The parklands are a key feature of the Olympic Park landscape and will give visitors a place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of London 2012 between sporting events. As we move beyond the Games the parklands will provide a great open space for the residents of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to enjoy.”

Olympic Fact File
Palmstead Nurseries supplied the plants for the London 2012 Gardens.
– Hilliers Nurseries in Hampshire supplied over 2,000 semi-mature trees for the Olympic Park.
– Salix supplied over 300,000 wetland plants for the Olympic Park.
– Tillers Turf Company supplied the turf for the north park spectator lawns which was grown in Lincolnshire.
– Tim O’Hare Associates is providing advice on soils and drainage.

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