National Tree Week

As National Tree Week draws closer, marking the start of the traditional tree-planting season, landscapers and contractors are being urged to do their bit to boost the UK’s tree stocks for future generations.
The British Hardwood Tree Nursery has more than 20 years experience of advising farmers, landowners, parks and public sector clients.
Director Andrew Henderson said there are plenty of good reasons for taking action this year, including the fact that more grant aid is available from The Forestry Commission for tree-planting schemes. The annual deadline for grant applications has also been removed.
Planting trees is a great move for any business wishing to counteract its carbon footprint. Native broadleaf species also provide wonderful wildlife cover or landowners might choose to plant trees to create a sustainable source of wood fuel for the future. This is a growing trend.
“Trees are a good option for farmers wishing to create extra shelter or shade on their land for animal welfare reasons. The right species, planted closely together, also create the ideal windbreak in fields where crops are being grown,” said Mr Henderson.
Demand for trees is also expected to be higher The Woodland is planting 60 Diamond Woods in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

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National Tree Week November 26 to December 4

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