More targeted spray

All bottles of the barrier acting, total herbicide, Pistol  from Bayer, will now  be supplied with two low drift sprayer nozzles and a stewardship checklist attached.  The addition of the low drift nozzles forms part of the new authorisation for Pistol  which was officially re-registered by the Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) under the new registration MAPP17451 in 2016. 
The new authorisation confirms that Pistol  is registered through to 2020. Bayer is already in the process of re-labelling bottles and distributors have until the end of February 2017 to sell any remaining ‘old label’ stock. However, any individuals purchasing these products will have until February 2018 to use their stocks.
“The new nozzles will mean that amenity professionals using Pistol will have a more targeted spray pattern and chemical drift will be minimised, so the product only affects the target area and there is less wastage,” says Dr Colin Mumford of the Bayer Turf Solutions Team.
“As an independent organisation, the Amenity Forum fully supports product stewardship and the importance of choosing the correct nozzle so that the product is applied exactly where needed for effective and economic impact,” adds independent chairman of the Amenity Forum, Professor John Moverley OBE.
“Pistol is an essential product for the control of annual and perennial weeds and grasses on soft and gravel surfaces. And without such updates to the packaging, we could see even more products removed from the market, so we aim to ensure that our products are stewarded correctly and we always encourage best practice,” says Colin.
A key benefit of Pistol  is that it has a long lasting, systemic and residual mode of action. Once it is applied, its effectiveness will continue, as a barrier is created on the upper profile of the soil that will remain throughout the season, controlling germinating weeds and preventing their establishment.
The herbicide can be applied with a knapsack sprayer, and the nozzles are universal, so will fit to the user’s existing equipment.

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