Ideal for roadside working ….Giraffa 210SI

The Giraffa pictured is the 210SI model, and costs £6,999 + VAT
A left hand offset model of Maschio’s medium duty flail mower, the Giraffa has been launched in the UK by machinery supplier OPICO. It will be ideal for use alongside roads as it enables the driver to travel with the direction of the traffic.
OPICO’s David Day explains: “The Giraffa has already proven popular as a right hand offset machine, available in three working widths: 1.6m, 1.85m and 2.1m.
“With the launch of a left hand offset model, there’s now a far more user-friendly choice for mowing verges and ditches beside roads. By travelling with the flow of traffic, disruption is reduced, and safety improved.”
Giraffa flail mowers are suitable for 40hp to 80hp tractors and incorporate a number of features which have made them very popular. These include: a Quadruple V Belt Drive for positive drive in tough conditions; an internally or externally mounted roller combined with Maschio’s floating head system which allows the Giraffa to follow the ground contours and cut evenly; and counter blades for a fine chop.
For each of the three model sizes of Giraffa, there are two versions: one with an internally mounted gearbox, and one in which it is externally mounted to give an extra 44cm of reach. This effectively provides buyers with double the choice, and ensures that mowers can be more closely matched to the needs of the intended application.
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