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The health and safety culture has been under attack recently with claims that it destroys enterprise and causes unemployment. Every one has the right to work without damage to their health. Elements of the land industry are dangerous, we climb trees, break rocks, dig holes, use machines that are noisy and vibrate and drive to do our jobs. The Health and Safety exhibition featured a number of products that could keep us safer and healthier.
Safety Unlimited specialise in the storage, handling and containment of hazardous materials and flammable liquids. With over 35 years’ experience to manufacture and distribute standard or tailored products to suit individual requirements. Their product portfolio includes safety cabinets, spill pallets, drum storage units, IBC storage units and relocatable safety stores. They also offer safety cans, absorbent products and a superb range of personal protective clothing.

New Range of Dual Purpose and Multi Purpose Storage Units for IBC’s and Drums at Great Prices
0845 45 01 415http://
NBC Pest and Bird Control Services will deal with your pest problem quickly, effectively and humanely. They advocate an ethical approach to bird and pest control, ensuring treatments have no adverse effects on wildlife or the surrounding environment.
They provide pest control and pest prevention services for every type of pest imaginable – from rodents and insects to nuisance wildlife such as rabbits or foxes. Their network of offices and technicians across the UK mean we can provide a ‘same day’ response.

NBC also offer bird proofing and bird scaring services, employing traditional solutions as well as falconry response programmes and many more techniques.
TEl 0800 094 9002
HappyFeet Insoles
If your feet ache you might want to take a look at these insoles they:
Absorbs Impact & Reduces Fatigue
The insole “floats” the foot on a cool cushion of natural food-quality glycerine to absorb shock and fill all the spaces between your foot and shoe giving a custom fit.
Distributes Weight & Reduces Friction
With every step, dynamic fluid-flow spreads pressure across the entire foot, from heel to arch to ball of the foot.
Dynamic Fluid Action Massages with Every Step
The dynamic fluid action constantly massages nerve endings in the feet which facilitates circulation to the feet and legs.
Chris Fitzpatrick
Tel 07872 961 663
Goliath Footwear is part of the Yakupoglu (YDS) group, an international company specialising in workplace footwear and military fire, police and ambulance markets in the UK – they have been making boots that work since 1880.
Goliath Footwear constructs a dual density rubber sole (DDR) which is injected onto the uppers. This type of sole is special because it offers exceptional durability but with the comfort of the wearer at the forefront. DDR soles have a tough rubber nitrile outer skin that withstands nicks, cuts and heat to 300°C. A secondary lower density sponge-like midlayer is added to the outer layer to give comfortable, shock absorbing and lightweight properties.
The whole DDR combination is inhected onto the uppers for the best possible bond.
Tel 0845 330 64 30 (UK)
SLIP TECH Floor and Safety treatment uses technology from the computer chip industry to make any ceramic, tile, stone, or agglomerate surface extremely slip resistant through micro-etching. The anti-slip coating does not look rough to the human eye, but with a high-powered microscope it looks like the Himalayan Mountains with millions of peaks and valleys. When a shoe makes contact with the wet tile, water is evacuated, forming a suction that creates a non-slip surface, unlike other non-slip floor coatings that are merely a topical adhesive.
Tel 01206 826788
Bolle Safety
Protective Eyewear
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Deafness REsearch UK
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David Evans
Safety barriers and bollards
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Glove Guard
Tel 08452 8630668
Height and rescue training
Tel 01795 580333
Martor UK
Safety knives
Tel 01924 281333
Ultimate Hearing Protection
TEl 01689 876885

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