AS-Motor ride-on mowers & snow chains and blades

AS-Motor ride-on mowers and sweepers can now be fitted with snow chains and blades
The ride-on mowers and universal sweepers are ideal for professional winter maintenance services.
The AS-Motor Sherpa AS 9404 is equipped with a powerful four-wheel drive for a good grip, even on slippery surfaces. In winter-time, snow chains additionally ensure that the universal mowers does not slide on icy surfaces or stick in the snow.
Smaller mounds of snow in the yard and garden can be cleared effortlessly with a snow blade. The snow blade can be attached at the front of the ride-on mower. With a width of around one metre and height of 35 centimetres the blade is both flexible and sturdy.
Snow chains and a blade can be easily mounted both on the starter model EcoBrush and on the professional ProBrush sweeper.
AS-Motor sweepers can be fitted with special brushes with hard bristles so that even heavily compacted snow can be swept aside without lodging between the bristles

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