Welfare support from Perennial

Perennial develops ‘Support for Families’ programme amid rising cost of living

In response to the rising cost of living, Perennial, the charity for people working in horticulture and landscaping, has developed its ‘Support for Families’ programme with new resources to help families across the industry who are struggling to meet everyday living costs.
Julia Hayne, Director of Services, says: “One in four people responding to our recent health and wellbeing survey said that their income didn’t cover their daily living costs. We understand the impact on families by
the rising cost of living and how this is biting into family budgets. Families can miss out on the support that is available to them from free school meals, getting support during school holidays, help with school uniform and benefits.
“Many working families often don’t know that they are entitled to benefits or support payments which could make a difference of up to £100 a week for some families.”
As well as advising families on how to access government support and local help, Perennial has a team of specialist advisors who can help with exploring new employment opportunities, developing skills through training or showing how to take back control of everyday finances. The Perennial Health and Wellbeing app also includes parenting top tips and a no holds barred podcast series about parenting and modern family life.
More information on the support available for families can be found at perennial.org.uk/families or by calling the team for confidential support and advice via the free Perennial helpline on 0800 093 8543.

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