Two-wire controller from Rain Bird

No barriers to investment in ESP-LXIVM real time proactive irrigation controller from Rain Bird

A two-wire controller from Rain Bird – the ESP-LXIVM – is the company’s newest controller with smart valve technology that features a Solenoid module (IVM-SOL), which remains in continuous two way proactive contact with the controller. This provides real-time, highly efficient irrigation with immediate diagnostic feedback to identify problems quickly, simplify troubleshooting, automatically restart irrigation without manual intervention and shut off valves to avoid leaks in the event of power failure. The availability of this unique solenoid technology, now at a highly competitive price thanks to manufacturing efficiencies, means that those involved in landscape and sports turf irrigation management can invest without compromise in Rain Bird’s most advanced best in class controller that offers significant advantages over other controllers in terms of stations, programming and diagnostics.

The overall capability of ESP-LXIVM is reflected in the 240 station capability of the large scale Pro version, comparing favourably with many other controllers that are limited to a 200 stations or less and with significantly lower programming capacity. Up to 40 irrigation programs can be set, with each program offering up to 8 start times per day across 10 flow zones, making it an ideal solution for sports grounds and similar installations where a range of irrigation regimes are required to provide exactly the right training surface. The low power usage of the IVM Solenoids mean that 16 stations can be operated simultaneously.

Even the Standard version of ESP-LXIVM can offer 60 stations as standard and 10 independent programs for less intricate training requirements as well as for medium size real-time irrigation control applications in areas such as landscaped housing developments and gardens, parks, schools and commercial sites.

Wireless communication with a network communication cartridge means that the ESP- LXIVM can  be used with Rain Bird’s IQ4 central control browser based irrigation management system. This gives the user remote internet control from a smartphone, tablet or desktop PC. The controller’s IVM-SEN interface allows real-time flow sensing and management tools to be used, including Rain Bird’s FloWatch and FlowManager, to guard against high or low flow conditions. Interface with a weather sensor will also promote water conservation through a reduction in total watering times.

The IVM-SOL Solenoids that are used in the irrigation valves eliminate the need for a decoder and result in 50% fewer connectors required in the field, simpler installation and lower maintenance requirements. The display panel has a simple user interface with a large backlit screen, an easy to operate programming dial and additional buttons for extra functions. In conjunction with the real-time diagnostics feature, users can access historical electrical data and other operational information through the screen and react quickly to any potential problems in the field.

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