Social Therapeutic Horticulture

Social Therapeutic Horticulture

Thrive, the charity that helps people with their mental and physical health through gardening has teamed up with the Leisure & Outdoor Furniture Association, (LOFA) to help more people access their life changing gardening sessions through a process called Social Therapeutic Horticulture (STH).

Through STH, Thrive have proven that gardening can have a profound impact on physical and mental well-being. LOFA are committed to supporting their work by donating £5,000 each year.

Thrive delivers social and therapeutic horticulture programmes across the country that help people to improve their physical and mental health, communication and thinking skills. LOFA have made a commitment going forward to help charities that have a link to the industry

Thrive supports and works with those who have physical or learning disabilities; those requiring mental health support needs, such as anxiety attacks. The charity also reaches out to older adults affected by dementia-related problems including stroke survivors and diabetes sufferers among others – alongside young individuals struggling socially/emotionally or behavioural difficulties.

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