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Husqvarna Strix to safeguard biodiversity and productivity

Husqvarna, a global leader in robotic mowing, has revealed its 2033 vision of the future for professional landscaping maintenance solutions, designed to target biodiversity and help manage the skills shortage within the sector.  The concept has multiple data-collecting, autonomous units that provide in-field advice to operators and can relieve landscaping teams from mowing, mulching, edge-cutting, identification of invasive species, re-seeding and fertilising.

Industrial designers at Husqvarna met with industry experts to visualise a solution that leverages the most advanced software and hardware technologies available to help professionals in their jobs. The result is the design concept ‘Husqvarna Strix’ (Latin for owl), the ultimate partner for operators, managers and decision-makers of green space management.

“Green spaces are a must for sustainable cities. To support the landscaping teams that care for these spaces, we need to automate more. Husqvarna Strix symbolises our commitment to being a valuable partner to landscapers and an active contributor to sustainability,” says Yvette Henshall-Bell, President of Husqvarna Global Pro.

Data collection for biodiversity and productivity

The team of autonomous units collect data from below, on and above ground. Using artificial intelligence, Husqvarna Strix computes the data and executes a list of tasks, releasing landscaping teams from mowing, leaf mulching, edge cutting, identification of invasive species, re-seeding, and fertilising – 24 hours a day, minus the charging time.

The collected data also serves as a guide to operators in the field. Employing an online database of all living species in combination with weather forecasts and the current health status of a park, each crew member of the landscaping team has access to curated information that enables them to act. The information is made available through various communication devices such as smartphones, Augmented Reality glasses and smartwatches.

Using the data to create a digital twin of the city, decision-makers can review and forecast green space and city health to optimise care, productivity, resilience, and biodiversity. This could also include the possibility of forecasting the levels of carbon dioxide, cooling effects and water management, as well as supporting with calculating the health and value of trees and optimising the required care.

Multiple sensors

The sensor platform is equipped with multiple sensors to maximise data collection. An aerial vision sensor and an aerial sound radar collect green space data above ground. The on-ground sensors located in the front, the sides and rear, capture information about species and moisture at the surface, whilst a below-ground sensor-set collects data, soil pH, soil texture, soil infiltration rate, soil moisture content and humus content in the ground. To manage unscheduled activities, such as fallen branches or park visitors, an additional omni-360-vision sensor and long-range vision sensor help the machine operate in the right direction.

Three tool units, multiple applications, one transport unit

To minimise the need for human intervention, Husqvarna Strix has only three tools, which the machine can change on its own. The cutting unit has three cutting discs and can handle mowing, mulching, and edging.

The seeding unit manages re-seeding and fertilising, and the brush unit removes leaves, gravel and dirt from hard spaces. The tool units are stored in an autonomous transport unit that hosts nine machines, the different tool units, and induction charging.

Hyper-modular and sustainable

The machines produce no direct CO2 emissions during use and are made from recycled aluminium and recycled post-consumer plastics. The solution is highly energy efficient thanks to a wider cutting capacity, optimised execution route, and use of solar power. To help minimise the carbon footprint of the product and maximise product life, the robots have few overall parts and are hyper-modular, enabling almost anyone to manage upgrades, servicing, and repairs. The hyper-modular design is also optimised for refurbishment and remanufacturing.

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