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LBX6000 Professional-X 1014m3/H from EGO Power Plus
Boosting the Professional-X range, the LBX6000 blower from outdoor battery-powered equipment specialist EGO Power Plus, is designed with power and user comfort in mind for full days of strain-free work.

Lightweight and easy to handle, the LBX6000 comes with five power settings including Boost mode to give users the power to move even the most stubborn debris, helped with its ability to blow over 1014m3/h of air per hour and variable speed trigger for increased control.

This Blower balances exceptional run times and performance with user comfort due to its compatibility with the entire EGO battery range when using the BHX1000 Harness, keeping users working all day without strains, aches, or emissions.

Ergonomically designed for a full day’s work, EGO’s Lithium-ion BAX1500 backpack battery can go from empty to full in just 3.5 hours and can handle more than 1,00 charge cycles, whilst the harness comes with padded and water-resistant comfort straps and back cushioning to help users work better for longer.

For additional usability, the LBX6000 has sturdy feet to save the blower tube from accidental damage, a Lock-Off switch for extra safety during transit and additional nozzles–either flat or round–so users can tackle both wet and dry leaves with ease.

Cramer 82B1300 professional blower 

The Cramer 82B1300 is an 82V high performance battery backpack blower that was designed specifically for the professional. Offering durability thanks to its robust design, and exceptional power and airflow from the 82V brushless digital motor. For larger areas it features dual battery slots integrated into the backpack harness to extended runtimes with an automatic switchover, for smaller tasks it can also run on a single battery. With Cramer even the most demanding jobs can be carried out quickly, efficiently, and safely.

The 82V technology rivals an equivalent 50cc petrol blower yet has significantly lower running and ownership costs, making it a viable option for any professional user or business. As well as the cost and performance benefits the Cramer 82V range offers additional safety in the workplace, with low vibration, low noise, and zero emissions or harmful fumes for the operator when working. With an exceptional 69m/s airspeed and 1300 m3/h airflow, the 82B1300 can clear large areas quickly and efficiently while optimizing operator comfort.

As part of the Cramer 82V professional line-up, the battery is interchangeable in any of the 82V range from lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, and even power cutters. Offering one battery for any professional application.

Husqvarna 570BTS backpack blower

Husqvarna’s 570BTS petrol backpack leaf blower is designed to handle the most demanding tasks. It has a weight of 11.2 kg, offers full user control and is designed with an X-Torq engine, making it more sustainable and powerful compared to an ordinary two-stroke engine.

The 570BTS delivers extraordinarily high air volume and excellent airspeed with a 37 N blowing force to get rid of any kind of debris such as leaves, branches and pinecones, supporting everyday users working within commercial grounds management.

With a robust design, the 570BTS can withstand tough treatments and can be transported with ease, making it perfect for landscapers who have multiple jobs to complete within a single working day.

Integrated with an efficient air purge for cruise control, this industrial blower has an easy start-up and handling function as well as an ergonomic harness and padded straps for superior comfort – features that all contribute to supporting landscape professionals all day long.

Makita UB002C 36V battery backpack blower 

backpack blowersMatching the performance of a 50cc petrol engine, the UB002C 36V battery backpack blower from Makita has been designed to meet the needs of professional contractors with long run-times and minimal noise and vibration.

The powerful UB002C features a simple variable speed control and produces a blowing force of 22 newtons, a maximum air volume of up to 19.0 m3 /min and an air velocity of up to 76.0 m/sec. The 36V power is supplied by the Makita PDC1200 portable backpack battery, which can also be used with a range of compatible Makita cordless machines. The PDC1200 includes a 33Ah solid state battery and with the UB002C provides approximately a 45-minute continuous run-time at maximum power, offering most contractors enough to cover a day’s work based on actual trigger time.

The configuration of the backpack reduces user fatigue, especially when used for longer periods of time. With the weight of the machine and battery transferred to the user’s back, rather than supported by their arm, the UB002C can be operated more comfortably for longer. The design of the harness, with padding in key areas, also makes it comfortable to wear.

The UB002C has a cruise control feature, an adjustable control grip position and LED battery gauge indicator for simple power monitoring. It is also IPX4 rated meaning it is showerproof and can therefore be used in changeable weather conditions.

Pellenc Airion backpack blower 

backpack blowersPellenc, the world’s leading expert in battery-powered tools for maintaining landscapes, has announced the latest product launch in its range – the Airion BackPack blower.

It is light, odourless, noise-free, with no starting problems and enough power to enable professional users to work for a full day on a single charge.

One of th most powerful battery-powered backpack blowers on the market, it has an airflow of 1,280m³/h and a thrust of 24N. Its performance is suitable for day-to-day road green space maintenance work in all seasons.

The wide, thick shoulder straps and integrated adjustable belt offers comfort during prolonged working sessions and its inclined pivot gives full freedom of movement with the nozzle, allowing manoeuvrability reminiscent of a hand-held blower. The handle can also be adjusted to the user’s height with all controls still within easy reach.

The large backlit display on the smart handle provides the user with real-time information including current speed, battery life (as a percentage and in minutes), option currently selected (boost and cruise control) and time worked on the current work site.

The Airion Backpack’s design optimises its aerodynamic efficiency by 15% compared to competing tools and its battery life has been extended up to three hours – depending on the battery used.

As with other tools in the Pellenc range, the Airion Backpack blower comes with IP54 water-proof rating and can be fitted with three different nozzles depending on usage – angled, angled-flat or flat.

STIHL BGA 300 backpack blower 

Backpack blowersThe BGA 300 is STIHL’s first cordless backpack blower for professional users, offering high performance and a significantly less disruptive sound thanks to its innovative STIHL noise reduction system.

With a blowing force of 26 newton, it is the most powerful in the STIHL cordless range and features a high air speed to ensure even wet, heavy autumn leaves can be cleared quickly and efficiently. The new cordless blower is powered using STIHL’s professional AR 2000 L or AR 3000 L backpack batteries.

Thanks to the STIHL noise reduction system, the BGA 300 produces fewer high pitch frequencies often associated with cordless blowers, making it well suited for use in noise-sensitive areas such as schools, parks or around public amenities.

For the optimum blowing angle the BGA 300 boasts a curved nozzle as standard, and the blower tube length can easily be adjusted to meet different requirements and operating situations.

Other features include wide feet for secure footing whilst on the ground, a hook for the blower tube for easy transport and storage, as well as compatibility with the new Smart Connector 2 A.

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