Wipe-Out and Green-Out

Two new specialist paints have been announced by Rigby Taylor for marking lines on multi-use pitches and training grids where rapid changeover of sports is needed and existing lines and stencils have to be covered up. Both will conceal pitch line markings and stencilled logos.
Wipe-Out paints deliver a bright white or vibrant colour line that lasts as long as conditions remain dry, but is easily removed with water – making them ideal for rapid changeover between sports with different line markings.
Two formulations are available: Wipe-Out G for use on natural grass, and Wipe-Out S for synthetic surfaces. Wipe-Out G is applied through a spray or transfer wheel marker, or can be applied with a brush or roller for stencilled logos. The paint is simply removed with a pressure washer or hose with a soft brush attachment. Wipe-Out S is applied as a spray. It is not water soluble, but is removed using Duraline dissolving solution.
Also new from Rigby Taylor is Green-Out, a paint that covers up existing lines or stencils through an advanced technology green paint available in both an Impact Ready-to-Use formulation or as a Duraline Dilutable Concentrate. Unlike traditional green paint used for this purpose, Green-Out blends in better with the natural grass surfaces.
All products available in 10-litre packs.

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