Preventing pollution

 A below ground washpad water recycling system is, believes the Highspeed Group, the most cost effective and efficient biological system available.
ClearWater’s increased popularity is seen by the company as being the result of its winning formula: “Keep the engineering and maintenance simple, ensure the system is effective and efficient yet remains affordable” Managing Director David Mears told The Landscaper
“We offer two hose washing as standard and fit a top quality, high power (8 Bar), stainless steel pump for every hose. A clippings barrow is supplied, together with an oil alarm and automatic shut-off valve to protect the system’s clean water from contamination. Comfortable, high pressure, adjustable trigger operated water guns are standard and we even supply a squeegee to help clear the pad too.  A large 5000 litres is the system’s standard capacity, which provides ample time for effective treatment and a plentiful supply of treated water”.
Self-installation is ClearWater’s trump card though. This option, is now the choice of over 60% of Highspeed Group’s customers and shows impressive cost savings.  Thanks to the most comprehensive Installation Instructions supplied complete with numerous photographs and diagrams, customers throughout Europe and in the USA and Middle East have had the confidence to order this option and installed without problems. Full training for installation and servicing is supplied to ClearWater distributors outside the UK.
Installing ClearWater brings tax advantages too for many. Having being the first system of its type to be officially approved as a water saving technology as long ago as March 2008, purchasers can write off 100% of their costs against taxable profits under the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme.,
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