Netpave, a porous paving solution for gravel and grassed projects, is now available from TDP. Manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene, Netpave 25 and Netpave 50 provide an easy to use, durable porous grid solution for the provision of pathways, car parks and other trafficked areas that require stabilisation.
Both Netpave 25 and Netpave 50 combine the benefit of flexibility with a rapid fastening system. Connected by lugs and slots, the flexible grids can be laid on undulating surfaces and gradients, without fracturing or separating. Netpave 50 can be filled with soil for grass seeding, the cellular structure and open base enables unrestricted root growth. Alternatively it can be filled with gravel. The cellular structure will retain the stone and prevent loss, displacement or rutting of the aggregate infill.

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