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Johnston Quarry Group specialises specifically in the extraction of block stone suitable for further processing by the domestic, and international, masonry industry, volume processor businesses and construction end users.Limestone Ironstone and aggregates. Paul Keyte says, "With the principle driver of our quarrying processes being the efficient extraction of block stone, comes with it waste material which produces on crushing a first class range of graded aggregates.To ensure the coherence of our block stone, no blasting is permitted in our quarries so all waste is pecked and crushed producing, most observers would say, a superior and harder end product" 01608683636 Great Tew Ironstone Quarry 01608 683636 Creeton Limestone Quarry 01780 410202

Clipsham Quarry Company is a privately owned company supplying the industry with the renowned Clipsham Stone. The company, founded in 1964, is the sole owner of Big Pits and Clipsham Old Quarries. Sue Thomas managing director explains, "We maintain a stock of Clipsham Stone in various block sizes. As a family run company we welcome visits from customers considering the use of Clipsham Stone. Through a partnering agreement with Bullimores Sand & Gravel Ltd the quarry is also able to offer a variety of limestone aggregates as well as agricultural lime." Tel 01780 410085

Historic Stone, "Our sustainable approach to quarrying red sandstone, buff sandstone, white sandstone and other heritage and conservation sandstones has proved that maintaining our built heritage whilst conserving our environment is achievable," says Nick Rymer. Historic Stone has red sandstone reserves ready to be quarried in locations across the UK, stones which will ensure that conserving our built heritage with the correct sandstone rather than the nearest matching sandstone is possible. A white sandstone deposit identified for quarrying will soon be available also ensuring that conservation of many historic treasures can be achieved. "Working closely with Heritage, Conservation architects, Conservation officers, ensures that we continually identify the sandstone requirements for regions throughout the UK. This is where it is important, as a red sandstone present in Staffordshire may not be a suitable red sandstone for a heritage conservation project in Cheshire, Lancashire or Worcestershire. Similarly a buff sandstone quarried in Yorkshire may not be the correct buff sandstone in conserving and restoring a building in Lancashire". Tel: 01260 278 328

Nu-Life Founders Chris, Mike and Brian Philbin have been involved in the floor restoration industry since 1981. Mike Philbin director explains "Over a number of years, more and more of Nu-Life’s near 30,000 domestic and commercial clients were enquiring about the restoration of natural stone surfaces, such as, Marble, Travertine, Granite, Slate, Limestone, Sandstone, Terracotta and more Two years of intensive research was undertaken. During this research period an incredible 547 different cleaning products and 107 types of machinery was tested". The search for improvement continues, with Nu-Life forging new links with the Marble Institute of America (MIA) and The Stone Federation of Great Britain Tel 08006950825

Protective Sealer..Hard-wearing Protective Sealer Universeal Outdoor Sealer forms a protective hard wearing layer that closes the pores of the stone. Water and dirt can no longer penetrate into the surface aiding easier cleaning and maintenance. Once dried the water permeability of the stone is reduced significantly. The colours of the stone also become more vibrant through the sheen / wet look finish. The protective film is hardwearing, UV-resistant and does not yellow. Effective Moss, Algae & Rust Remover Universeal Outdoor Cleaner is a high quality cleaner for driveways, paths and patio areas. Universeal Outdoor Cleaner is highly effective for removing stains including oil, grease, grime, rust, organic dirt, moss and algae. "This cleaner has been formulated to penetrate into the pores of the surface and float out hard to remove oil stains. Rust stains, moss and algae are simply dissolved away. Universeal Outdoor Cleaner works fast and thoroughly removing stubborn green and dark deposits caused by plants and leaves," explained Jason Smith national sales manager. Tel: +44 (0) 2380 302 562

LTP produce a wide range of products for the sealing and maintenance of terracotta,slate and glazed ceramics T +44 (0)1823 666213

Tennants supply top quality Morayshire stones to customers throughout the country. The company exports a variety of specialist cobbles found only in the coastal plain of Morayshire, Scotland, amid distilleries and salmon rivers. Director Gavin Tennant explained, "Our strategy is commitment to our customers and to their continuing success, and our consistently exceptional service level means we have attained a prominent position at the forefront of the cobble industry.We continually adapt our resources to meet progressively more demanding requirements, providing a service our customers can rely on. Tel 01343 552767

Goldholme Stone have two main limestone quarries situated close to Grantham in Lincolnshire.They produce two main stones: Ancaster Hard White Limestone is a creamy white/beige limestone with a uniform colouration and can be seen in many old buildings throughout the country. Hooby Lane Quarry in Stretton ‘taps’ into the Clipsham Limestone outcrop and yields two distinct colours – Honey and White. All the stone is available processed, for instance as walling, or unprocessed as block l: 01476 550 191 Tel: 07920 575299

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