Multi million dollar initiative…Briggs&Stratton

The new Briggs575ex

The Briggs & Stratton multi- million dollar E-SERIES Engine Initiative signals a beginning of a new standard of performance across the small vertical shaft engine range. The new E-SERIES initiative will place reduced exhaust emissions at the heart of all engines performance. “Market research clearly shows increasing awareness and concerns among consumers about environmental issues” stated Vince Bowden, Director of Marketing Europe. “Our commitment will be to surpass the current European exhaust emissions standards by at least 25%” he added.
“The E-SERIES Initiative will also focus on an overall evolution of standards that will widen the consumers choice and enhance their mowing experience. Better sound, easier starting and lower emissions all delivered with the hallmark qualities of power, performance and reliability that have become synonymous with the Briggs & Stratton brand name”
Between now and the end of 2014 all Briggs & Stratton small vertical shaft engines will perform to the new E-SERIES standards.
The New E-SERIES Engine platform will comprise of five models build on two displacements delivering three different torque options. At the entry level will be the 125cc model 450E1 delivering a gross torque2 of 6.1Nm, followed by the 140cc model 500E which produces a gross torque of 6.8Nm. At the mid to high end of the range will be the 140cc models 550E, 550EX ECO PLUS and 575EX which deliver a gross torque of 7.5Nm.
The 450E and 500E models provide true value power, featuring Overhead Valve (OHV) technology, mechanical governor, primer based float feed carburetor with foam air cleaner and a Lo-Tone muffler. The 500E model provides an increase in torque over the 450E for those consumers who are looking for a bit more torque to make mowing the lawn a bit easier. The 550E model offers an additional increase in torque together with a paper air cleaner with the option of upgrading to the Super Lo-Tone muffler. “By incorporating the mechanical governing system, this results in an engine which delivers outstanding performance across a broad variety of operating conditions. The mechanical governor system will ensure the best power delivery in all different grass and mowing conditions resulting in a consistent finish to the cut” claims Vincent.

“Evaporative emissions occur all the time even when a piece of equipment is not in use. During equipment storage, the fuel in the tank evaporates into the air resulting in increased fuel emissions. Evaporative emissions are difficult to detect as you cannot see them, however one can smell them and that is typically the cause of the fuel odour one finds in their storage area. ECO PLUS Technology significantly reduces these evaporative emissions and as a result reduces the fuel odour. By reducing the evaporative emissions the ECO PLUS model provides the ideal performance package for the environmentally conscious consumer” says Vincent.

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