Millboard Decking …

Millboard Decking is an all new composite decking that ‘captures the charm of real wood but eliminate many of its shortcomings’ for outdoor environments. “Our product is produced from prime oak samples, replicating the better qualities of the originals rather than just extruded from a machine as other composites are. Each composite decking board is hand-finished to reproduce the detail of natural wood with minimal repetition and can be sawn and fitted like wood” Russel Porter told The Landscaper.
“The textured and resilient surface of the ‘Lastane’ finished Millboard Decking will provide a tough, algae-repellent surface that greatly enhances this non slip decking in wet conditions to provide possibly the safest natural looking composite decking board available. Due to its non porous nature it needs little maintenance other than an occasional wash with soapy water as natural rainfall will largely keep it clean”
Made with up to 50% recycled material that makes use of hard-to-use waste, the manufacture of Millboard Decking helps to conserve the earth’s resources as well as reduce landfill. The manufacturing and distribution takes place within the UK, maintaining a low carbon footprint
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