Roadload Beavertail …

“Our Roadload Beavertail is the answer to every groundcare organization’s ‘wish list’. It does the job so much better with reduced operating costs. With features no other vehicle can offer, such as no tachograph operation and ultra-low loading deck, low gradient and an impressive 1500kgs payload, the benefits are hard to resist,” Matthew Lowe sales executive told The Landscaper
Built on a 3.5 tonne GVW chassis cab, its high strength, lightweight aerospace construction, optional variable height rear air suspension and short full width ramps, equals a vehicle which can load low ground clearance machinery easier, more safely and in a shorter footprint.
To prevent the rear suspension sagging when under load, Beavertail vehicles come with two air suspension options. Full air lowering suspension with 1250mm full width one piece ramp or semi air suspension which does not lower, thus requiring a 1900mm ramp. Both options will maintain a set ride height.

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