Investment for a lifetime

Reclaimed York stone paving has a classic character that is unique and sets it apart from any other stone.  York stone has been quarried for hundreds of years and is proven to withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions.
All the reclaimed York stone paving has been cleaned, squared and hand selected to ensure each and every piece in perfect usable condition.  It can be considered an investment for a lifetime as it is progressively going up in value and will never need replacing
Cathedral Quality Reclaimed York stone Paving
Cathedral quality reclaimed paving is 2-3 inches thick, with smooth riven faces. It is ideal for interior or exterior use. The paving is carefully selected, with only the smoothest of faces being placed on the pallet. Some of this paving has been reclaimed from Cathedrals and mixed in with other cathedral grade paving flags.
Reclaimed York stone Paving – street grade
The  street grade quality reclaimed York stone flags are full of character and would compliment any paving or garden project. This York stone paving is around 2-4 inches in thickness and nicely weathered on the face. All street grade paving has been reclaimed from high streets and back streets of Yorkshire. This paving stone is reclaimed and thickness is approximate, the surface is a mix of smooth and riven textures.
Reclaimed York stone Flags mixed grade
York stone paving is light buff to dark grey in colour and partially weathered. These flags may also have been sandblasted to take any excess dirt off the York stone paving. The  reclaimed York stone flags are cleaned, and ready to be laid and sealed. This particular paving is between 1-3 inches in thickness but can be sorted through to select thinner flags for indoor use – between 1-2 inches thick at an extra cost. The  mixed grade York stone paving is a mix of buff and grey tones.
Reclaimed Rustic Mill stone Flags
Mill stone flags or Mill flags are a York stone product that was produced for the old mills and factories. These particular York stone flags tend to be around 4-6 inches in thickness – perfect for driveways with regular heavy traffic. All the mill flags are oil free and have nice smooth faces.
All of the reclaimed paving can be viewed in York stone Supplies yard in  Cranleigh, Surrey before purchase. They will also send out small samples of  the reclaimed stone free of charge.
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