Herbicides & hard surfaces

Compliance with new labelling requirements for the use of herbicides on hard surfaces will help ensure targeted, effective weed control and responsible stewardship by the amenity sector, according to the UK Crop Protection Association (CPA).
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) issued Regulatory Update 42/2011 on 17th November 2011, setting out new label requirements for all herbicides approved for use on non-porous, hard surfaces.
This new label wording represents a change in the amenity weed control industry and CPA stresses that uptake by all professional users is essential. Now the weed control season is in progress, it is essential that products are used responsibly and in accordance with the product label.
Under the new labelling requirements, herbicide application on non-porous, hard surfaces must be targeted rather than applied in a blanket fashion. Professional users must adhere to the product label and therefore blanket spraying on hard surfaces is now unlawful.
Manufacturers were given until May 2012 to update all product labels. Temporary stickers are permitted until November 2012. All products being sold by manufacturers will now have the new wording on the label.
Dr Anne Buckenham, CPA’s Director of Policy comments: “Regulatory Update 42/2011 will help to ensure the responsible use of herbicides on hard surfaces. Targeted application on hard surfaces is in line with the EU Directive on the Sustainable use of Pesticides and the EU Water Framework Directive, as herbicide use is minimised, along with the risk of run-off and water pollution.”

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