A great idea in this festive season is to use colour to brighten up the garden. Martin Bennett explains
Wakehurst place has just finished dressing their 35 metre high Giant Redwood tree with thousands of LED lights for Christmas.uplit-tree-coloured
Looks stunning but all you can see are the lights not the tree which is a pity as it is such magnificent tree. The same applies on a smaller scale of course to all the gardens that light their trees with string lights, all you see are the coloured LED lights.orange-dichroic-uplighting-lion-landscape-edit
Now that it gets dark soon after 4.00pm it’s a great time to show off your house and garden with some well-placed floodlights and spotlights.
To floodlight larger trees using a PAR38 floodlight fitted with an LED bulb will work well placed at the edge of the tree canopy and angled so that all the tree is lit up. Additional spike spotlights can be placed directly under the tree to highlight the trunk and lower branches.
A great idea in this festive season is to use colour to brighten up the garden. Par 38 LED bulbs are available in RED, Yellow, Blue and Green. Use the Green to highlight evergreen trees such as Holly, other colours will work well as a wall wash or to highlight rocky areas. Coloured dichroic lenses can easily be inserted in Spike lights and wall spotlights using GU10 or MR16 bulbs between the bulb and the lens and can be purchased for less than £6.00 on line. You will be surprised at the additional interest these create.
Let’s celebrate Xmas with colour!
Martin Bennett is the founder of Lumena Lights

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