Don’t slip up!

Long Rake Spar are suppliers of White Marine and Pink Rock Salt which is used for De-icing footpaths, drives or communal areas.
White Marine Salt provides a cleaner solution for retail areas, municipal buildings and office car parks as it leaves little or no residue after use, thereby avoiding the product transferring or migrating into internal areas.
Pink Rock Salt also provides excellent de-icing qualities and offers a more cost efficient alternative whilst being more suited to the domestic market.
Both de-icing salts are fully compliant with British Standards BS3247 and are supplied pure, with no added gravel or sand, thereby ensuring maximum performance at all times.
Order your rock salt early to ensure availability and competitive prices. With depots across the country we can ensure the very best prices with prompt deliveries for both marine and rock salt in either loose loads, bulk bags or our premium pre-pack bags.

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