The Playhouse Company, have developed a number of playhouses with inbuilt storage, meaning that both children and adults alike are kept happy in the garden.
The jewel in the crown is spread over two levels; the lower section is independently accessed and provides a good size storage area, whilst the playhouse above provides a fantastic play area with lots of activity accessories.
The playhouse itself is accessed via a staircase to the left hand side of the front. It has lots of windows, giving good visibility inside by allowing lots of natural light to get in so play time can be extended into the evening. There is a veranda on two sides of the playhouse with a head height of 5ft 3in. Set on a 4ft high platform, which then raises slightly higher on the right hand side  to allow better access to the storage area below, this also allows for the monkey bars to be set at a good height. Coming off from the platform is a scramble net, a climbing wall with knotted rope and a fireman’s pole.
The storage area has a ceiling height of 4ft and has two doors and four glazed windows in it.
If this model is a touch too big for your backyard, there is another option. A made to measure pergola style platform sits above a playhouse with bike storage neatly tucked in under the stairs, all being constructed around a seemingly awkward corner of a small garden.
This is another example of The Playhouse Company rising to a challenge and providing a multifunctional space that can be utilised and enjoyed by the whole family.  The playhouse itself has a central door with diamond shape cut out and window to the right hand side.
Access to the pergola level is provided by a staircase on the left hand side of the structure.
A dog leg turn in the staircase provides a hidden space for storing bicycles beneath the stairs.
To the right of the pergola extends a decked platform with vertical ladder access to the ground providing an adventure and challenge.
The Playhouse Company can accommodate any size garden, and are happy to create bespoke masterpieces, that the whole family will be able to enjoy – whether that enjoyment comes from sliding down a fireman’s pole, or neatly storing away the garden tools!

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