Brexit, the Law and ClearWater

What does Brexit mean for those in landscaping and turf maintenance as far as legal compliance is concerned and with particular regard to the EU Water Framework Directive? David Mears explains
Prior to Brexit, the E U Water Framework Directive (WFD) and machinery wash-off was the hot topic for many. With extensive publicity abounding relating to compliance, there cannot have been many of you involved in cleaning machinery that were not aware of this European Directive.
Since Brexit we’ve been asked about the legal situation and whether the WFD still applies. Nothing in the short term  has or will change in the UK regarding prevention of groundwater pollution and legal compliance until we actually leave the EU.clearwater
Most now realise that probably the only way to be future-proof and compliant is to install a washpad water recycling system.  ClearWater system invented fourteen years ago is now leading the field in the UK and supplied throughout Europe. ClearWater is officially approved as a water saving technology and UK purchasers can write off 100 per cent of the cost of an installation against taxable profits in the year of purchase.
ClearWater’s  design has very few moving parts  and with the system safely below ground, installations are attractive.
The outstanding selling point is that, unlike other recycling systems, it is easily self-installed, an option taken up by over sixty per cent of customers. (We supply detailed installation instructions). Self-install enables costs to be kept down. Naturally, we still offer our full “turnkey package” for those wanting just that.
Of interest to those with minibuses, pick-ups and other similar vehicles requiring a car-wash finish and responding to market demand, we recently introduced ClearWater Commercial recycling system which includes a dedicated rinse package. Following extensive trials we are now actively marketing the system with installations underway. ClearWater Commercial is of particular interest to those who have no access to foul sewer and cannot wash vehicles with traditional discharge methods.
David Mears is the Managing Director of Highspeed Group Ltd

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