The European Landscape Conference event is just a few weeks away  – it has attracted global interest from California to the Mediterranean.
The not for profit event will debate the role of nature, landscape and the urban world we inhabit – The Agenda for the Conference is about legislating for Nature and the Landscape to have a greater priority in this Urban world, recognising the threat to mankind’s traditional relationship with the natural world.
All of our speakers have grasped the importance of the agenda to discuss and inform the landscape architects, garden designers, industry and public. Their enthusiastic support confirms why the Conference is needed.
The Conference has a stellar cast of speakers, including Professor James Hitchmough, of Sheffield University, Noel Farrer, the past President of the Landscape Institute, and Dr Phil Askew, the Project Lead for the Olympic Park in London.
The  sponsors  partners and exhibitors have seen the relevance of this event, led by  the Society of Garden Designers, the London College of Garden Design the British Association of Landscape Industries, and The Landscaper magazine.
The 2016 European Landscape Conference is being held over 3-4 September, combined with an Exhibition, and with Garden Tours on 2 and 5 September, and is to be held at the Royal Agricultural University, at Cirencester, in the United Kingdom. The event will be open to the public, industry, professions and academia, and bookings can be made on line at .
The Conference Programme is now available on the website and bookings for delegate places, and exhibition space, can be made now

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