Intergrated helmet with Bluetooth®

STIHL has expanded its head protection range with the introduction of its new ADVANCE Vent BT Intergrated helmet with Bluetooth®, keeping professionals connected whilst they work. 

Offering enhanced levels of safety for professionals and excellent noise-reduction, the new ADVANCE Vent helmet features integrated Bluetooth® headphones, allowing users to easily listen to music or connect to the radio. Using the three control buttons, users can also take hands free calls directly from the headset whilst working.   

Providing up to 38 hours of battery run time from a full charge, the integrated Lithium-Ion battery is easily rechargeable thanks to the USB plug. The helmet also features an additional AUX inlet, allowing users to connect further gadgets that can’t be connected via Bluetooth®.

As well as being fully connected, the ADVANCE Vent BT Intergrated helmet with Bluetooth® is incredibly comfortable to wear whilst working. With a low weight of around 380g, the helmet also has optimised balance to reduce fatigue. For improved visibility, the helmet also features reflective strips on the top, sides and back. 

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