Coronavirus battleplan from BALI

BALI announces four-point coronavirus battleplan to support members

Today, March 19, 2020 the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) has set out its four-point COVID-19 (coronavirus) battleplan, designed to support member’s businesses and associated individuals affected by the pandemic over the next three months. BALI, whose membership totals around 2,000 members, over 960 of which are Registered, has announced its new strategy to provide a much-needed lifeline for those who may be struggling to cope with the impact of the virus.

The strategy is made up of four key areas:

  1. Quickly understand member’s primary concerns and provide access to a variety of different products and services to provide immediate benefit to their business, including a dedicated legal helpline if members have specific questions; for example, contractual obligations, health and employment rights of employees and managing site expectations. Encourage further use of specific online platforms where members can openly and freely share their views with the team at BALI Landscape House, who will occasionally be joined by third-party experts who will offer advice and support. BALI will shortly be surveying all of its members and sharing that data within its network, helping to benchmark by understanding the enormity of the issues within membership.
  2. Ensure all members receive regular, updated guidance via a dedicated weekly coronavirus e-newsletter, in line with Government and Public Health England advice, including useful links and access to resources, technical documents and FAQs. BALI will be seeking advice from Government departments and will disseminate information to members, increasing their knowledge and helping to alleviate economic pressures.
  3. BALI will dramatically increase the number of in-house webinars to help members. Straight out the starting gate will be several online advice clinics setup with partner organisations that will allow BALI members an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with other BALI members and ask questions to BALI staff and third-party panellists who specialise in a variety of areas. There will also be webinars focusing on digital marketing and ways to effectively market your business online during these challenging market conditions, as well as deep dives into the psychology of customers, survival tips and business best practice.
  4. Provide technical support to members by way of policy, legislation and compliance. The latter would include a complimentary service delivered by a technical officer to help businesses locate supportive model compliance documents.

Alongside the four-point strategy, the team at Landscape House have geared up to support member’s businesses by continuing to offer friendly help and advice to assist them through this adverse period. Although working remotely, BALI staff will continue to deliver the highest level of customer service on a daily basis, as the business continues to operate as normal. You can contact any member of the team using the mainline phone number +44(0)24 7669 0333 or the relevant extensions, as well as email. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm. For the latest updates visit or for up-to-date health guidance on COVID-19 in the UK visit


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