Glyphosate Hub launched by Bayer

Glyphosate Hub to inform the amenity sector about this active ingredient

To support the use of glyphosate in the amenity sector, Bayer has launched a new amenity specific Glyphosate Hub to empower contractors by providing them with relevant information about this vital active ingredient.

Freddie Bendall-Brown, digital marketing specialist at Bayer Environmental Science, explains that after surveying amenity professionals last year, the company believed it was important to help amenity professionals sort fact from fiction when it comes to glyphosate.

“This is why Bayer has developed the Glyphosate Hub. It provides amenity contractors with the references and information they need to respond to queries from the public and colleagues alike,” he says.

“The hub also emphasises that there’s few alternative tools out there to control such a broad spectrum of weeds, especially with such a good safety profile backed by years of research and scientific study. Something many people outside of the amenity sector are not aware of.”

Freddie adds that historically, the focus on glyphosate has been centred around agriculture.

“This is why we’ve developed this bespoke amenity hub, so relevant factual information for amenity contractors is in one place..”

“The hub also provides glyphosate specific information on UK and EU regulations, best practice guidance and independent research and resources from organisations such as CRD, the glyphosate renewal group and DEFRA,” he adds.

To visit the ‘Glyphosate Hub’ click here:

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With your help the ‘Glyphosate Hub’ will continue to evolve and grow over time, so that it provides up-to-date and relevant information to support amenity contractors in their role. Have your say on what you need to justify your weed control programme and provide feedback by emailing

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