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ZT Safety Systems claim to have re-invented and completely revolutionized the fall safety harness.
The design of the ZT Safety harness eliminates the use of groin straps and instead uses a system that works with the body to distribute and absorb the forces experienced in the event of a fall. The harness combines an integrated harness and lanyard with performance work-wear trousers or overalls. It employs a patented leg gaiter system with lanyard and front point attachment.
The design of the traditional harnesses has resulted in severe fall arrest trauma. In particular this is caused by the groin straps, which in the event of a fall exert huge forces to the body, causing considerable damage to the groin area. Once the body comes to rest there is then the threat of suspension trauma, where blood in the body pools in the legs due to gravity and femoral artery constriction. The blood is unable to travel back to the heart to re-oxygenate, which can lead to serious circulatory problems and organ failure, with potentially critical consequences. Whilst some ‘add on’ systems have been created to help manage this issue, the practicality of their usage is limited.
As well as the functional limitations of traditional harnesses, there are also the practicalities of their day to day usage, these include: putting on and taking off a harness, its users comfort whilst wearing, unisex design comfort, the impairment of mobility, and not least the danger of injury caused by catching its webbing or lanyard on external objects, these are all areas that offer room for improvement.
The ZT harness is easy to fit and can be worn comfortably during the working day, it can also be worn in comfort whilst driving. It has no loose straps or lanyards, so there is no risk of catching these on door handles or wing mirrors whilst entering or exiting a vehicle.
When working at height, and in the event of a fall, the ZT safety harness works by clenching with the calf gaiters, the full body system evenly distributes the fall forces throughout the entire harness, so there is no shock or pressure point loads. Following the fall the user comes to rest in a comfortable seated position that allows the blood to continue its flow freely around the body.
The harness can be used in most situations where someone is working at height where, used in conjunction with the appropriate lanyard, it can be for fall arrest or fall restraint.

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