Timbery – Make the most of your timber!

Timbery is a sawmill brand already well known in North and South America, and now is available in Europe. Timbery sawmills enable hobbyists and entry-level sawyers to get started with their own sawmill, offering low priced sawmills (from £2,700), bandsaw blades (10 blades from £85), board edgers, and all-in-one blade maintenance equipment.
The M100 sawmill costs £2,700 in the UK, and enables straightforward conversion of logs into usable custom-dimensioned timber. The M100 cuts logs up to 660mm in diameter, and has all the great features of more expensive sawmills; including ceramic blade guides, quick-set log rests, and hand crank head adjustment.
The lightweight head and adjustable bed provide a variety of travel and storage options. With a Timbery M100 you can do more and spend less.
Timbery products are CE certified and made in the USA and Europe.

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