Power of Plants, Pollination and Urban Innovation

This year’s Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Chelsea Flower Show (22-26 May), sponsored by M&G Investments, will demonstrate science and technology as the Discovery Zone returns to the Great Pavilion.
From the increasing threat posed by pests and diseases, to the benefits of bees and take-home urban inspiration, the Discovery Zone offers a variety of educational exhibits. Significant anniversaries will be celebrated and explored, including a decade of Help for Heroes, 50 years of Capel Manor College, and a 70th anniversary celebration of the voyage of the famous MV Empire Windrush from the Caribbean to Tilbury Docks.
Other highlights in the Discovery Zone include:

  • Celebrating its 50th (golden) anniversary, leading environmental college Capel Manor College will explore how the colour yellow is important in pollination and why breeders prize the colour, looking in detail at the role of pigments and exploring the science behind yellow in the Plant Kingdom. The display will feature 50 different yellow plants including trees, shrubs, herbaceous, grasses and bulb.
  • The River of Flowers’ Honeycomb Meadow Bee Garden is designed to bring a meadow to the heart of the city. Constructed using mobile and interlinking hexagonal planters, it appears to ‘float’ over barren urban spaces, covering them with nectar-rich wildflowers to feed bees and other pollinators.
  • A first time exhibit from Vegepods will feature fully contained, self-watering, efficient organic raised gardens, educating visitors on the importance and principles of urban farming.
  • The Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) presents ‘The Great Escape’, full of take home inspiration how to transform any outdoor space into a multitude of escapes, from a gym, to a kitchen, to a place of pure beauty and serenity.
  • Visitors are invited to come along and visit the ‘Weed Clinic’ hosted by the Property Care Association, providing advice and a better understanding of how to manage those invasive non-native plants, desired and undesired, found in our gardens.

Tickets for RHS Chelsea Flower Show (22 – 26 May) are now available at: www.rhs.org.uk/chelsea

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