Lighting the Scene without being Seen

Finishes and materials that blend in with the garden – Martin Bennett reports
In some cases, Landscapers and designers may opt for standard black outdoor lights such as Spike lights, in order to hide the light source within shrubbery. However, there are finishes and materials that actually blend in with the garden landscape more effectively than Black.
Garden Green and Rustic Brown Spike Lights are an excellent example of this. These camouflaged colours will blend in seamlessly with the surrounding area such as foliage and soil, matching the rest of the colours of the garden and not drawing unneeded attention to the light source.

Various new products such as the LuxRox Rock Lights are designed specially to add to the garden scene, blending in beautifully on gravel pathways and rockeries. Not only are they realistic in daylight, they create stunning effects at night once lit and prove a unique way marker.
Alternatively, if you are looking for lights that will provide ornamental value within your landscape, Copper is a versatile material which has a fantastic decorative quality. After a while, Natural Copper lights will oxidise to change colour to really look as if they have always been part of the garden – as much an ornament as a light! For rural landscaping projects, such as parklands, Lumena has introduced the Radiata Natural Pine Bollard. This durable wooden path light will look perfect in the countryside setting and achieve a rustic, natural feel.
Incorporating outdoor light fittings that blend with the colours of a natural environment can create the perfect ambiance, without the fittings looking out of place. Light fittings in natural tones are available from Lumena Lights.
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