Grinders and Chippers!

Regular servicing is essential to maintain the efficiency of equipment. Danequip’s state -of –the-art servicing and workshop facility is designed to reduce the time machinery spends off-line
The facility ensures that each piece of equipment lasts longer and works at peak efficiency.
A team of highly experienced engineers offer advice on preventative maintenance to prevent unexpected costly and operational reducing mechanical breakdowns.
Their products include:
13 and 15PP Grinderdanequip
With easy access through the tightest areas, at only 23” wide, the DANequip 13&15 pedestrian grinders are powerful, lightweight and will slice through the opposition.
25 and 27SP Grinder
More power and determination coupled with the same ease of control through the same tight areas, the DANequip 25 & 27SP are lightweight machines with a heavyweight reputation
Tel: 01420 476248

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