Fully trained arborists on standby

DART, the Disaster Arborist Response Team, is now equipped with Makita chainsaws ready to deliver humanitarian aid and rescue services anywhere in the world. Wherever a natural climatic disaster occurs, the DART team and their Makita chainsaws will be first responders.
Trained to clear fallen or dangerous trees these operations will make it possible for other relief agencies to access the location and reach the population. These trained arborists aim to reclaim the timber for reconstruction of shelter, repairs to infrastructure and fuel.
Makita has provided a comprehensive inventory of chainsaws, spare parts, accessories and safety clothing to DART to enhance their field operations anywhere in the world. “Makita is right behind this group of timber professionals and supports their mission to bring swift, safe and effective relief to disaster areas when they happen. DART knows what it takes to deliver relief actions and their choice of Makita chainsaws as their prime tool underlines our rugged performance,” says Kevin Brannigan, marketing manager, Makita UK.
DART was formed by Gary Bailey and Mike Metcalfe following their experience in the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013. Having been deployed to help create temporary shelter, they quickly realised that far greater chainsaw expertise was required in this type of situation to clear areas and enable the erection of shelters. At the same time roads needed to be opened to facilitate medical and food supply distribution, and fallen trees removed safely from power and water grids. Local chainsaw capacity was minimal and unskilled operators posed further risk to life and limb.
“By gathering a group of fully trained arborists to be on standby for departure at a moment’s notice we can really speed the relief actions in those vital first hours. Now the DART charity can call on a large number of trained and experienced chainsaw operators who also bring additional skills such as medical training, construction trades and emergency cooking knowledge. DART is very much a tree- related enabling operation, clearing access as a priority,” says Mike.
Already 23 professional arborists have been trained ready for deployment, adding emergency ops skills to their tree handling expertise. At least double this number of additional volunteers are awaiting training.

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